Restless Rant
Week of March 19 – 23:

It wasn’t the most exciting week on record at “Y&R.” The scenes that did stand out were centered on comic relief, smart dialogue, or emotion. Thoughts for the week:

Geisha girl.
The high points of the Japan storyline proved to be Jill disguising herself as a geisha, and Cane pretending to be drunk on sake – hooray for comic relief! Victor and Genevieve’s interactions were dull and ambiguous, and Genevieve’s reaction to Cane was just dumb – if he was trying to scupper her deal with the agent so Jabot would prevail, would he really have gone about it in such an obvious way, and made himself look like an idiot to boot? Once again, Genevieve came across as very unsympathetic this week. The Jack/Nikki/Victor stuff is classic, but a fresh angle on it would be nice. Nikki’s gorgeous appearance this week made me wish we could see her swept up in a hot new romance, perhaps with someone like Vance Abrams – that would give The Mustache a wake-up call! In any case, I wonder how Jack will react if he learns Cane used the information he gave him to help Genevieve – making Jack indirectly responsible for saving her butt!

Mellowed out.
Mellow Chelsea has grown on me, and I think her intentions are genuine where the baby is concerned. That said, I have a feeling Victoria will mess things up by getting in Chelsea’s face, perhaps over her friendship with Adam. The foreshadowing was there when Victoria told Chelsea to stay away from him. The Chelsea/Adam rapport continues to work – both of them needed someone to ‘understand’ them, so their unexpected friendship fits the bill.

Restless at Restless Style.
One thing “Y&R” does so well is the snappy dialogue between some characters. This week, Phyllis and Adam’s verbal sparring, as always, made for a good scene – they seem to get into a rhythm, and play on that ‘takes one to know one’ vibe. Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis are slipping back into old patterns, and while the straight talk from Nick to Phyllis at Restless Style was refreshing, it was also a bit of the pot calling the kettle black when he accused her of perpetuating conflict on purpose, since this latest disagreement will give Nick all the justification he needs to bed Sharon while they’re working together. Phyllis and Harmony also did some bonding at Restless Style over being imperfect mothers – a solid scene, but I still find the whole Super Harmony fantasy tough to buy into – she should be making mistakes and saying or doing the wrong thing sometimes – it’s unbelievable for her to be so utterly fantastic and always know the right thing to do or say.

Pistol-packin’ mama.
Lauren is showing signs of strain. Who else feels like something is going to go down? All I know is they’re making a point of certain people knowing that Lauren has a gun, and of Ricky overhearing threats etc.