Restless Rant
Week of March 12 – 16:

March madness! So, it’s one of those abbreviated weeks with only three episodes, which means an early rant! Let’s get right to it:

Grumpy granny.
Wow! Daisy is Lauren’s worst nightmare, and now Phyllis’s too, with the irony being that Phyllis lured her back to town and placed her squarely in the position of power she’s currently enjoying. We all know Phyllis wants to just put her hands around Daisy’s neck and shake her like a rag doll, yet she’s absolutely powerless to make a move – she can’t even be impolite – because it will jeopardize any chances Daniel and Co. have of getting Lucy back. What tension! As irritating as Daisy can be, I’m pretty invested in seeing how long her reign of terror will last this time, and who will be the person that finally loses it on her.

Shick/Phick go ‘round.
It didn’t take long for viewers to remember just how repetitive and over the Sharon/Nick/Phyllis triangle feels. The minute the characters begin repeating those old lines we’ve heard a zillion times, it just feels stale. Unlike some, I’ve nothing against triangles or quadrangles, as long as there exists that zingy feeling of expectation, chemistry, romance – even forbidden passion – but this particular triangle was overdone before, and it will be a drag to ‘go there’ again.

I see said the blind man.
Adam’s honesty and integrity angle may be sincere, but if people find out he can see and is keeping them all in the dark about it (ha!), turning over that new leaf will all have been for nothing. It’s a bit sad that he has no one to share his good news with; I guess he’ll become the town lurker now. Something tells me Chelsea will figure out that he can see and that will be another connection they share. Their friendship is interesting, although I don’t see it blossoming into romance.

Let’s not disappoint him.
Why is it that watching Paul and Jack take on Adam and Victor just has the feel of watching the Keystone Cops? As for Walsh, it’s a wonder he still has a job.

Lost cause.
Nikki’s love/hate thing with Victor is sometimes difficult to watch. I tend to run with that feeling that they belong together, and yet I simply cannot be okay with the superior and condescending way he often treats her. As for Katherine, I get why she feels resigned to Victor’s inability to take responsibility for his actions, and think she was just telling the truth when reminding Nikki that she always wants to get back together with him. So if Nikki pushes him away and he winds up with, say, Genevieve, Kay is certainly correct in warning that she’ll regret it.

Causing trouble.
The snarky scene between Sharon and Victoria was well done. Victoria was sporting her daddy jealousy and defending Nikki’s territory, while Sharon gave off a perfect air of disbelief that anyone could have such issues with her. Hilarious!