Restless Rant
Week of March 5 – 9:

It felt like a building week on “Y&R” as storylines regrouped and repositioned for events to come. As always, there were some very good scenes, and a few things to drive viewers nuts. Check out the thoughts on the week:

King of the hypocrites.
Nikki made the understatement of the year on Monday’s episode when she said Victor is never accountable for his actions. Victor coldly enacted a plot to help Patty alter her appearance and brought her to town to murder Jack. As a result, Colleen wound up dead, and very nearly Summer, and to this day Victor has never expressed real remorse or owned his actions in any meaningful way. Therefore, I was practically pulling my hair out this week when Victor showed up at the Club to tell Adam how disgusting he is – at least Adam admits what he did and expresses some regret – something Victor would never deign to do. Adam and Victor are both capable of horrible things, and currently, Victor’s still plotting against his own flesh and blood, Victoria, so it’s astounding that some can sit and commiserate with Victor about Adam being a lost cause, without acknowledging that Victor’s as bad or worse! Drives. Me. Insane.

Just a dream.
I understand much of Paul’s pain, frustration, and angst where his sister Patty is concerned – his raw emotion is extremely compelling. However, there were moments this week where I just wanted him to back off just a bit on the indignant rage over Patty. It’s not realistic for Paul to expect people to feel sorry for his sister in the same way he does – c’mon, even Traci Abbott hates her! As for Ricky, sure he’s cold and creepy, but you can’t really blame the guy for turning out that way. For no discernible reason, Paul flaked out completely on being his father, and now he just can’t get over Ricky’s lack of loyalty and seems shocked that he’s not this great guy. Really? I love Paul to death, but he may need a bit of a wake-up call. That said, it’s great to have Paul on the front-burner and I look forward to seeing what he and Jack cook up together as they seek justice on Victor and Adam.

Running the story.
The underlying dynamic behind Phyllis opting to run the story on Adam/Patty was a nice nod to her insecurities, which always seem to bubble to the surface. I was concerned it wouldn’t come out that she saw Nick hugging Sharon, so the candid conversation Phyllis and Nick had about it at week’s end was welcome. Of course, with Victor deciding to push Sharon and Nick back together at work, Phyllis’s sense of security will be short-lived. It’s looking like we might be in for another round of Nick/Phyllis/Sharon. Vote in’s Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon poll.

Little girl found.
The situation surrounding Daisy continued to build tension as Lauren discovered she’s living in her apartment complex (puzzling that Lauren can’t get a restraining order), Phyllis now has Daisy’s address, and Daisy keeps telling Lucy she has plans for Daniel. Something tells me this won’t end up being settled in a court of law despite Michael and Avery’s efforts. The thaw between Phyllis and Avery was notable this week.