Restless Rant
August 25th – 29th

Last week I loved Monday’s episode – Jana and Kevin’s wedding. This week I did not like Monday’s episode – a drunken, weepy Nikki recounting stories from her life with Victor. Melody Thomas Scott did an amazing job with the material – it was very realistic. Trouble is, just because it’s realistic, doesn’t mean you want to watch it for an hour! Partway through the show I was actually groaning out loud when Nikki came on and began slurring, “He put my make-up on for me in the hospital…” On the upside, there was lots of action and change this week! Here’s a look:

Neil/Karen/Tyra: Yep, it’s looking like a triangle folks! Quite an eyebrow-raiser when Neil practically begged Tyra not to go to New Hampshire – with Karen standing right there! Later, he totally disses Karen’s attempt at getting romantic. I’d say her days are numbered! Too bad, because I finally started liking her after she got up in Adam’s face this week – was that tirade right on the money, or what?! Ana is gone to school, and that’s as it should be. That’s all I’m gonna’ say about that!

Restless Style Gang: So, obviously, the powers that be have decided that a return to the original animosity between the four is in order. Smilin’ Jack is back to being cocky and self-destructive, Sharon and Phyllis don’t like one another anymore, and Nick is taking charge a little more again. Interesting turn of events, but I am still finding the change jarring. Noah is being very well written as teenagers go. As long as he’s not taking over the magazine before the year’s out, everything will be fine!

Paul: Please give this man a life of his own! He deserves it! I happen to love Paul, and think that he can do better than baggage-laden Nikki, but enough of having him solving everyone else’s problems and worrying about Heather! Give him some love!

Brad: My prayers appear to have been answered as Brad has been involved in more story this week, but I’m hoping that they’re not just ‘using’ the character as a catalyst for conflict between Adam and Victor, and then dropping him again. He really needs to be a main player and not just a convenient villain.

Daniel/Amber/Colleen: I missed them this week, except not Colleen. Our poll this week showed that out of 606 respondents, a whopping 76% support the Daniel/Amber pairing! Pretty good stats!

Jill/Katherine: I’m loving the tension between them. Although the name-calling is gone, it’s almost like old days!