Restless Rant
Week of February 27 – March 2:

It was another dramatic week in Genoa City – hoping to see a bit more passion and such next week. Here we go:

It’s over.
The storyline of Phyllis’s family background may have been shaky, but the drama delivered at George’s bedside, and immediately following his death, was top-notch. I could feel the gut-wrenching emotion from Phyllis as she confronted her callous father, and from Avery as she realized the truth. The explanation for the mother’s absence – that she must have known all along – really didn’t work for me. If she’d known the truth, why wouldn’t she have sought out Phyllis and reunited her family when George was in prison? In any case, the storyline was plausible enough to provide insight into why Phyllis became messed-up and angry, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her relationship with her sister will progress from this point on.

Step up.
Daisy being out of prison and taking custody of Lucy has had ramifications all over town. Lauren has been brought into the spotlight as she reacts to Daisy being free. The Lauren and Jill scenes were especially appreciated. Michael and Avery teaming up is a good twist, and the situation with Daisy also drove up the tension between Daniel and Avery, and Daniel and Phyllis, making for some great scenes. It looks like Daniel may finally be forced to grow up and be a dad – which will be good to see, because his fatherly instincts have been there since the day Lucy was born, he just doesn’t realize it. Daisy taking custody has also affected Phyllis’s relationship with Nick, and perhaps most importantly, has been a lesson for Phyllis who had to learn first-hand how Victoria and Billy felt when she took Lucy from them. Looks like they’re throwing Ricky into the mix too, with him and Daisy getting acquainted – get that baby out of there! Anyway, I can’t wait to see how this will all play out – especially Daniel stepping up – hope he makes us all proud!

Working on a plan…
So Kevin is cooking up a scheme to get out of his marriage. Something tells me that by the time his plan comes to fruition, he’ll have fallen in love with his wife and won’t want out – isn’t that how these things go? If that’s the case, I truly hope that Angelina somehow morphs into a character viewers can relate to, which is going to take more than changing the way she dresses or toning down her screechy voice – how do you deal with ditzy?

He’s protective.
I honestly don’t know why Nikki bothered to tell Victor she was moving out – he, like all of us, know that she will forgive him for anything. What I get tired of watching is her playing both sides of the fence. She tells Victor that his transgression is utterly reprehensible, and then goes to Victoria and tries to sell it as him merely being overprotective – what? I’d like it better if she didn’t go through the motions of leaving him, and spent more time trying to make him see that he’s hurting Victoria as much, or more, than he thinks Billy has! Of course, Victor will reward Nikki’s forgiveness by disappointing her yet again – and we’re seeing this same pattern with Sharon and Adam – the next generation.