Week of August 18th – 22nd

The highlight of the week was Kevin and Jana’s wedding, and is it just me, or was the rest of this week a bit of a yawn? There’s an underlying feeling that the show has down shifted into a lower gear. If that’s true, hopefully it means things will be revving up again soon!

Jana and Kevin’s Wedding: I loved this! The whole Ashram and hippie vibe was perfect for Kevin and Jana, the theme of the pot brownies running through each storyline was brilliant, not to mention hilarious, and the acting surrounding Michael and Gloria’s shocking discovery of his missing father was sublime!

Michael/River: Michael’s feelings were amazingly portrayed by the fab-u-lous actor Christian LeBlanc. Michael’s confusion, anger, pain, and pride could all be clearly observed battling within him. We were given a glimpse of the small abandoned boy still inside the man. Bravo! I was oddly disappointed by Lowell/River – he unexpectedly came across as dull and dry. Hope this changes if he comes around again!

Daniel/Amber/Colleen: I HATE that Colleen and Daniel did ‘it’ outside on the ground at the Ashram! First of all, this was right out of left field, as only hours before he was gazing into Amber’s eyes, not to mention that he and Colleen had established that they weren’t ready to even date – let alone do the nasty! But my biggest complaint is that the Daniel we know (the one who didn’t cheat for a whole rock tour), would never have been this careless knowing that Amber could stumble onto them! I also can’t believe that we are supposed to accept that Colleen would date, never mind sleep with, her best friend’s ex-husband! On a more positive note, how cute is Amber trying to make Daniel jealous?! My favorite scene on Friday was when Amber was setting up a date with Liam in front of Daniel and her cell phone rang while she was talking on it! Hilarious!

Restless Style Gang:
I love that Phyllis and Nick are trying to give Jack a taste of his own medicine, and I’m anxiously awaiting the fallout from the article they have sneaked into the next issue of Restless Style. Sharon and Phyllis’s newfound hatred for one another is still grating on me though – it seems too contrived after having them get along for such a long period of time. Bottom line – at this point, I don’t think any of them have what it takes to run a magazine, except maybe Jack, who will likely bail to go back to Jabot.

I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking, or if something is truly brewing between Paul and Nikki, but I would rather she didn’t go back to Victor when all is said and done. With Victor presumed dead (and Eric Braeden presumably on vacation) looks like we’ll have to wait awhile to find out what is next for the Newmans. Oh, and who else found the dangerous Mexican adventure to be a total snore?!

Where’s Brad?:
Are the writers listening at all? We want Brad. It’s plain. It’s simple. He’s hot, smart, complicated, and single. Get it? Got it? Good!

Victoria/Adam: Wow, was Little Miss Mustache on the warpath this week! Taking over the company and booting Adam off of a business trip and out of the Ranch as well! It’s been a rough five days in the sandbox for the Newman kids! After about the 10th time they warned one another to ‘wait until Dad gets back’, I was ready to give them a big ‘time-out’!