Yes, it’s true, Emily O’Brien is very animated when she’s playing zany Jana Hawkes Fisher on The Young and the Restless, but we’re talking about a completely different type of animation – computer generated!

At Siggraph 2008, an International Conference on Computer Graphics, held in Los Angeles this month, an animated version of Emily O’Brien was unveiled by Image Metrics, a company that makes computer-generated imagery for Hollywood films and computer games.

The process of making Emily into an animation began with the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies, who was a partner in the project, making a computer-generated replica of Emily. Next, the Y&R actress sat inside a sphere of LED lights and was photographed while making 35 different poses. The light patterns allowed the shine of her skin to be captured independently from her main skin tone, with hundreds of measurements taken for each millimeter. This process allows the resulting animation to show extreme detail in facial expressions, including pores and wrinkles!

Meanwhile, Emily O’Brien was filmed doing a 90 second long performance using computer technology which was able to capture the footage pixel-by-pixel. This film was applied to the animation, which took about one week. is thrilled to know that one of Y&R’s finest actresses is also now a part of history! To view a video about the project, please visit YouTube!