Restless Rant
Week of January 23 – 27:

“Y&R” was pretty good this week on the whole. Loved seeing Jeff and Jill back in town – and a bit more of Paul! Thoughts on the week:

Monday, Monday…
We got a well-deserved break from the heavier drama on Monday with Nikki and Victor reuniting and making love, Phyllis and Nick’s heart-to-heart, Cane romancing Lily with roses and deep kisses, and Adam and Sharon’s passionate romp in Victor’s office. It was an interesting choice to have Sharon indulging in ‘all over the furniture’ sex, at the same time as Phyllis was electing to abstain from sex for the first time, well, maybe ever. Just sayin’!

The sting.
Love the little twists playing out in the business storyline! For instance, Adam managed to avoid the trap thanks to Sharon, but the twist is that he still found himself in a very unenviable position – working out of the men’s washroom! Which, by the way was a delicious/hilarious scene between Victor and Adam – did anyone else sense the actors were fighting to keep straight faces? Back to the storyline, Victor didn’t go the predictable route and rain fire and brimstone down on Sharon for her betrayal, but the twist is that she has undone all the good she did herself by marrying him in the first place and now has to worry about losing Faith all over again. Adam tried to convince Tucker to go through with hiring him as a means of getting out of the men’s washroom, but the twist is that Tucker will only pay him to stay where he is. Victor lost Beauty of Nature, not to Jack Abbott, but to his fiancée! Keep these twists and turns coming!

Despite the fact that she keeps looking ill about what she’s done behind Jack’s back, I can’t manage to muster much sympathy for Genevieve. She did that ‘friendly intervention’ with Ashley, and strung Jack along whenever he talked about Beauty of Nature – she even looked at his bid. Pretty shady, lady! It looks like it will be a short-lived reunion for Gen and Cane too, after he confronts her about deceiving Jack. She’s risked her closest relationships to get her hands on this company, and has now pissed off Victor Newman to boot! Is it really worth it? Vote in our Genevieve buying Beauty of Nature poll.