'Mini-me' fighting mad! (Soaps.com)

Week of August 4th – 8th

The action in Genoa City has been moving at a break-neck pace since last week’s rant! There has been another death, one missing person, a wedding proposal, a DNA test, and the discovery of an on-the-run father (who turned out to be an imposter). Did I miss anything? Kudos to the writers this week for amping up storylines for old faves Paul and Brad. Paul has been running around like a man with his hair on fire! He has solved the Ji Min murder and let his daughter take credit for it, looked after the David Chow/Sabrina wreckage fallout, comforted Nikki, discovered a dead body and helped identify it, comforted Nikki, and already has a baggy full of clues in the Case of the Missing Mogul, oh, and did I mention that he comforted Nikki some more – all in the space of a week! Brad, in turn, has seen more action on screen this week than in any of his recent card games. He’s obviously out for blood (Jill’s) after realizing that he’s been double-crossed. Love it! Buckle up, here’s my breakdown on this past week in GC!

Chloe/Cane/Lily: Sad to report that Chloe still seemingly has no soul. She sure is confident about the outcome of this DNA test though…makes you wonder what she knows that we (and Cane) don’t! Cane’s quickie proposal to Lily was sooo cute! Unfortunately, this engagement probably won’t last any longer than it takes to oh, open that DNA envelope the thundery Neil Winters is holding in the preview for the next episode. I have to say that Cane really came to life for me this week. He seemed fully alive, a spark in his eyes, a man with a purpose, virile and sexy! Yep, right after Jill offered him the CEO position at Jabot – such a transformation at the prospect of a real storyline!

Neil/Karen/Tyra/Ana/Devon: Well this is an intricate and twisted little plot, isn’t it? Devon and Ana love Karen. Karen has the green-eyed monster breathing down her neck where Tyra’s concerned. Tyra obviously has her sights set on Neil, and Neil is, well, oblivious! Predictably, Neil will make things worse by blaming everything on Karen and being shamelessly manipulated by Miz Tyra. The writing’s on the wall. Nice to see Victor giving Neil a shot at running the company though. It’s about time after all the nepotism he’s had to put up with over there! And what’s up with Devon wanting to drop out of school to pursue music?! This from the guy who, about a month ago, lectured, ranted, and raved at Lily when she wanted to drop out to pursue modeling?! Get real!

Michael/Lauren/Kevin/Jana: The ‘imposter father’ red herring was kind of a drag! But I just know it will be worth having endured it when Michael and Kevin track down the real Baldwin patriarch as played by the fabulous Michael Gross – the anticipation of watching him and Christian LeBlanc (Michael) in scenes together is sublime. And wait until they throw Judith Chapman (Gloria) and Ted Shackleford (Jeffrey) into the mix! Bliss! And Greg Rikaart (Kevin) and Emily O’Brien (Jana) too! What a fireball of acting (and comedic) talent Y&R has in this dysfunctional family unit! Speaking of which, please give Tracy Bregman (Lauren) something to do besides pat Michael’s arm and soothe his nerves!

The Restless Style Gang: ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. It will be interesting to see how much longer the foursome can hold it together in light of the fact that relations have degenerated to the point where they are working AGAINST each other! Jack, it seems, should have bought the Genoa City Enquirer instead! He’s got a real nose for sleazy, tabloid journalism! The interesting dynamic this week is the writers’ take on Phyllis and Sharon. Sharon is showing her little devil horns, and Phyllis is being oddly (and hypocritically) judgmental of others’ wrongdoings. Are these two each being influenced toward good and evil by their husbands? It’s not clear yet, but I, for one, prefer both women being written as real human beings, not all good, not all bad, learning from past mistakes in some respects, making new mistakes at other times. It sure beats watching the characters who are written like bad caricatures…calling Chloe!