Restless Rant
Week of January 9 – 13:

“Y&R” delivered pretty solid stories over the past five days. Lots going on! Check out the thoughts for this week:

Fun isn’t cheap.
It was a satisfying turn of events to see Billy confront Chelsea about the rape allegations and get the truth on tape. Billy obviously knows a con when he sees one (at least when he’s sober), and besides, Chelsea’s aggressive behavior made it clear she was no victim of an attack. Too bad it didn’t occur to her to act afraid of Billy! In any case, Billy taking the upper hand with Chelsea made for a good scene, and it’s refreshing seeing Victoria stand by her man. Chelsea’s panicky reaction to Billy wanting to be in the baby’s life has me wondering what twists are ahead – will it turn out Chelsea’s not really pregnant, or that Billy’s not actually the father? What do you think Chelsea’s hiding?

Damaged trust.
The scenes in which Katherine tried to talk Neil into coming back to work caught my attention, but this non-relationship between Sofia and Neil is on my last nerve. The Sofia character was introduced as a woman with a strong personality and loads of confidence – let’s see that dynamic lady again instead of this moony moper she’s been reduced to lately.

Super Harmony strikes again!
This week, Harmony immediately discerned the cause of Devon’s frustration, found a solution on the internet, and scored points with ‘Mick’ by asking him to intervene with a medical researcher to help Devon hear better. I’m taking bets on how Devon will react to this ‘kindness’ – he’ll probably get angry, pout for a week or two, and have to be talked into accepting their help.

First gig.
I like the idea of Lily getting a job, even if it’s only one night, just to see that independent side of her – not as a daughter, wife, etc. Now Cane should lobby Billy for a position for himself – surely he can’t support a family tending bar at the local dive. On the relationship front, once again, I enjoyed the Cane/Lily scenes this week. They’re having a ton of fun rebuilding their life together and it’s infectious.