Restless Rant
Week of January 2 – 6:

There’s some unhappiness out there with the general state of “The Young and the Restless” right now. Complaints include newer characters taking airtime from core favorites, too much bed-hopping, too much gloom and doom, storylines left hanging or dragging out, and storylines/characters that just aren’t working for viewers. Though each of these points has a degree of merit, there’s still been plenty to enjoy. Some thoughts on this week’s happenings:

New Year’s Eve.
It was a little too convenient for Phyllis and Nick’s dates to both have an epiphany at the same time, and it was weird that Ronan kissed his way into Phyllis’s penthouse before suddenly announcing he was going home, but the premise that Nick and Phyllis aren’t done with each other is certainly believable enough…as is the reality that they still have unresolved issues. Meanwhile over at Jimmy’s Bar, Adam got loaded and drunk-dialed Sharon, before ambling over to her house and learning that his father had proposed to her. Adam leaving without a word certainly made an impression.

Misery from Myanmar.
We always knew there was something unresolved for Billy to deal with, and we demanded that it be shocking enough to explain why Billy kowtowed to Victor’s bullying. Now that Chelsea’s here with her allegations, the only thing that I don’t understand is if Billy believes he didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s the first he’s heard of the rape accusations, why did he allow Victor to keep him from Delia and Vikki in the first place? The silver lining for Billy/Vikki fans is that the couple is finally facing a problem together. Do you think Victor finessed a DNA swap from behind bars to ensure the results showed Billy as the not-so-proud-papa?

Girl power.
Some of our female characters have really dished it out this week, and it’s been amazing to watch. Kevin’s disappearing act has had the unforeseen benefit of giving Chloe back her spark. The scenes in Jimmy’s Bar where the girls all had Vikki’s back, and Chloe declared herself one drink away from kicking some ass, were brilliant. I didn’t mind the Daniel/Chloe kiss either. Even sourpuss Eden taking a photo to send Kevin was interesting. As for other females – Nikki’s been a joy to watch as she’s taken on Sharon and Chelsea, and though it may be unrealistic that Billy rehired her, Phyllis is certainly back in her element at Restless Style stirring up trouble. More girl power please!

Glass wall marriage.
As much as viewers hate the idea of Sharon with Victor, it’s obviously a tactic on Victor’s part, as opposed to a romance. The Nikki and Sharon conflict has been fantastic to watch, as has the controversy between Nick and Sharon. The angst of Sharon and Adam is always a treat, and this week the playing field was leveled a bit as Sharon let Adam go ahead and be arrested. That said, it drove me nuts that Sharon left that ring on all week even though she hadn’t accepted the proposal – seemingly doing so just because Victor told her to. I would have loved to see her tell The Mustache that she wasn’t going to be used as a pawn in his plan, but she didn’t, so if nothing else it will be interesting to see what twists are ahead, particularly if Vic gets out of jail.