Restless Rant
Week of December 26 – 30:

Of course the drama is largely what draws us in to “Y&R,” but the increase in romance, trysts, and kisses lately has really improved the overall viewing experience. Now, if we could get back to the classic one-liner style humor as opposed to the gimmicky, goofy Angelo/Angelina stuff… Here are some thoughts on the week’s happenings:

I just want to go home.
We feel ya’, Kevin! Another week into the Angelina tale, and it’s still like a bad cartoon we can’t turn off.

Husband and wife again.
Billy and Vikki’s remarriage and honeymoon made for romantic, fun, and sexy viewing, but it sure didn’t last long. Who else thinks Victor is behind Chelsea showing up on the newlyweds’ doorstep? Who else thinks she’ll turn out to be preggers with ‘Liam’s’ baby? It’s the one thing that could really send Vikki for a loop…

One more night.
Here we go again, trying to reconcile how we can’t look away from Sharon and Adam’s undeniable chemistry; can’t help but be drawn in as they express their forbidden love…yet also can never forget the dastardly deeds of the past. It’s endlessly fascinating to see glimpses of Adam’s vulnerabilities and capacity for love – very reminiscent of his father, who is also capable of extreme generosity and love, but who has also committed many heinous acts, and who continues to plot against his own family members on a regular basis. One thing that differs is that Victor is clearly defined by his past, whereas it’s still difficult to understand why Adam is the way he is.

Good for both of us?
Why would Sharon even consider the idea of marrying Victor, right after complaining that she didn’t want to be controlled? Oh, not to mention that pesky past with both of his sons. Poor Noah will never come home when he hears this one! Should Sharon marry Victor?