Conflict and emotion.

“Y&R” has delivered tons of drama this year, so we turned to readers to help choose the three storylines that brought us the most memorable moments of the year. Check out what we came up with, relive some of the moments through the video clips, and then share your thoughts in the comment section.

Billy’s return to Genoa City.
Viewers couldn’t believe it when Victor liberated Billy from a jail in Myanmar only to keep him away from Victoria and little Delia, who was battling a life-threatening illness and wanted her daddy. The storyline was fraught with tension and emotional moments as Billy repeatedly challenged Victor and risked his wrath trying to see his girls. We were also treated to some great moments between Billy and Kevin, who became caught up in Victor’s scheme. Who could forget that fateful moment in the New York airport when Victoria finally laid eyes on Billy in the same bar they’d first connected in, and realized he was alive…or the moment she learned her father had deliberately kept them apart? The pair has remarried, but Billy still seems to be harboring a secret about what happened in Myanmar…