Restless Rant
Week of December 19 – 22:

Lots of little goodies this week, including Nikki’s Christmas episode. Here we go:

The three of us?
The idea of Ronan, Phyllis, and Nick working together is pretty sweet – all sorts of opportunities there to mine. Here’s hoping they play this up.

Ol’ Smilin’ Jack.
Jack’s reaction to Victor receiving a sentence of 25 years to life was absolutely classic. He didn’t even mince words with Nick and Victoria – refreshing.

The whole Newman board meeting was a little strange, what with Lauren making it her mission to convince the others to vote for Nick, and Tucker backing Adam. It will be interesting to see what Victor has in the works here, given that he told Michael his plan is ‘already working’. The scene showing Adam alone in the dark boardroom later was a nice touch – especially as Victoria was across town reflecting that Adam seemed to have everything he wants.

Icky Nick?
Many viewers thought Nick was being a jerk to Sharon after finding her speaking to Adam in Crimson Lights. If Nick were acting solely out of petty jealousy, I’d agree. But given that Adam stole Faith when she was born and let Sharon and Nick think she was dead, Nick’s continued issues are understandable enough. Realistically, it would be tough to get past.

Uppercase love.
No Chloe, you don’t feel uppercase love for Kevin – it’s lowercase love. Chloe may not realize it yet, but she dodged a bullet just as surely as Kevin and Angie did outside the studio. The Angelo and Angelina storyline continues to grate madly on the nerves of many viewers, but at least Angie put a halt to those ill-advised nuptials. Now she can go.

Asking the unfathomable.
That was an amazing scene with Billy asking Chloe to let him marry Victoria in the church – he didn’t even have to say the words out loud. These two ‘get’ each other in a way even their partners never do – so cool to be reminded of it. Billy feeding Victoria the words to say to the assembled guests was so cute, especially when she clued in to what she was saying and what it meant – I really do love this couple when they’re ‘clicking’. The way this became a ‘feel good’ scenario following the choked-up moments of Chloe’s phone call with Kevin blew me away. Additionally, Billy’s scenes with Delia this week were terrific.