Restless Rant
Week of December 12 – 16:

“Y&R” delivered a solid week of viewing, featuring an increase in kissing/romance/passion, and some heartfelt moments among family members. Almost seems someone at “Y&R” is listening to what viewers want. There were also some terrific confrontations this week – let’s break it down:

What has happened to our family?
The Deacon/Nikki nuptial situation has definitely had some fun moments – love watching Deacon deal with his ‘feisty’ bride and her loved ones. After the worry last week that “Y&R” wasn’t capturing the essence of Deacon, it was reassuring to hear him say he cares about Nikki this week. He is the ‘bad boy with a heart’, so we need to see reminders of his conscience and feelings. For example, everyone, even Victor, could see how Deacon looks out for Nikki by bringing her home safely etc., which brings me to my offbeat theory – that Victor may be behind Deacon marrying Nikki. Yep. I’m wondering if Victor offered Deacon money to pay off his debts in return for telling Nikki that Victor and Victoria were the killers and convincing her to marry him – all as a part of his master plan. This way, Nikki no longer believed she was responsible for Diane’s death, so stopped threatening to confess. Other clues: Deacon had unexplained access to the ranch on more than one occasion (so Victor must have told security to let him in), Victor didn’t raise an eyebrow over the wedding news, and Victor told Nick and Victoria to support their mother’s marriage to Deacon, which seemed strange, but makes sense in this scenario. A wild theory to be sure, but what a twist if it were true! Of course, Victoria threw a monkey wrench into the works on Friday, and Nikki’s back to thinking she killed Diane. Do you think Victor could have been the mastermind behind Deacon’s marriage to Nikki?

Numbers game.
When received an email from an eagle-eyed viewer who noted Victor’s prisoner number seemed to have changed, we started paying attention. Sure enough, Victor’s prisoner identification number was 67845 last week, and was 89045 this week!

Going rogue.
The incredible sexual tension between Ronan and Phyllis is starting to be tempered with romance (oh, oh, the mistletoe!), and they’re also connecting intellectually as they try to solve the Diane murder case – all the elements are in the mix! Ronan and Chloe still remain an intriguing possibility, but in the meantime, Phyllis and Ronan are cooking with gas. The best outcome would be a Phyllis/Ronan/Chloe triangle down the road – imagine. That said, Nick’s face when he saw Phyllis emerge from Ronan’s shower was certainly priceless!

What was Phyllis thinking asking Billy for her job back at Restless Style this week? After what happened with Lucy, it was a no-brainer for him to laugh her out the door. Interesting that they later shared a scene with Lucy in the Christmas tree lot – perhaps Phyllis will return to the rag at some point after all.