What were they thinking?!

After several lists of the worst hookups in soaps, we noticed that Genoa City had so many terrible ones, so we listened to the readers and created a list just for the Young and the Restless. Only in Genoa City could a mother justify hooking up with someone who just hooked up with her daughter. Keep reading for all the terrible hookup madness!

10. Avery and Nick:

New bed buddies, Nick and Avery, are already on the bad hookup list. Reader SweetAlexandria pointed out what a horrible hookup these two are. Lack of chemistry is one problem, but being the sister of your ex-wife and representing the other ex-wife in court doesn’t help matters much, either.

9. Angelina and Kevin:

Creating a roadblock for Chloe and Kevin in the form of Angelina was not a hit. Reader Hopey Pix was turned off. “I feel the worst hookup, if it goes that way, would be Kevin and Angelina. She is a mob princess and Snookie look-alike! She’s a dud! They can do better for poor Kevin!” There is no reason to bring the Jersey Shore to Genoa City.

8. Chloe and Cane:

Reader GSongBird writes, “I think that Cane & Chloe are a bad hookup.” I do, too. There was nothing interesting about watching Chloe trick Cane into a relationship, while he was pining away for Lily. Chloe is too interesting for that. Thank goodness we weren’t subjected to a long hookup with this dud pair.

7. Dianne and Victor:

Many readers had Dianne and Victor at the top of the list for bad hookups. They didn’t work out the first time, and this most recent time was disastrous. Not only were they using each other, but Dianne caught Victor hooking up with Nikki in the barn on the night they were married. Their hookup was like a business deal gone bad.

6. Heather and Ronan:

Many readers were turned off by Ronan and Heather. Not only a bad hookup, this pair could be number one on the most boring list. How can you root for a pair that puts you to sleep? It almost seemed as if these two had nothing else going on, so the writers just threw them together to see what would stick. Cold flopping fish had more chemistry than this pair.

5. Gloria and William:

Reader Eppy adds Gloria and William Bardwell to the list of bad hookups in Genoa City. “She married him for the money he inherited from his mega-rich uncle. Then when William died, she wrangled the money away from Jeff, William’s twin, who was next in line to inherit. If I’m not mistaken, she also used sex enhancers on William, who suffered a stroke and then she refused home nursing care for him. She and Michael treated him terribly while he was helpless to do anything about it. He died, too.” No one has ever accused Gloria of being an angel, and this hookup certainly doesn’t help her reputation.