Restless Rant
Week of December 5 – 9:

The Diane murder case continued, once again being the focus for the week, so here are some thoughts on this week’s happenings – trying not to repeat points made in the last column. Check it out:

I want you out!
While Billy and Victoria are often amazing when they’re ‘clicking’ as a couple, Victoria’s spoiled brat routine always seems to reappear and undermine any stability they might be enjoying. No wonder he isn’t prepared to marry her again.

French lesson.
This week’s scenes with Lily learning that Cane left town to help Billy, and their ensuing date at the movies/passionate kiss afterward were a welcome respite from the heavy Diane murder storyline. As for Daniel, it’s cool that they’re still showing a protectiveness for Lily – makes sense – but it’s also great that he’s moving on with Eden. They’re not a couple that’s going to set the world on fire, but they are definitely cute together. One thing that didn’t make a lot of sense was Kevin warning Daniel away from Eden – since when is he like a big brother to her? Really. As for Eden and Noah – there was never believable chemistry there since she came back from rehab – no loss.

Jack attack.
I love the way Jack is with Emily, and wish there was some escape from the fact that she and Patty look identical so that they could be together. The connection with Jack and Genevieve just isn’t as good. On the Abbott family front, it’s always great to have sibling scenes – even if they’re bickering like Ashley and Jack were this week – it makes “Y&R” feel ‘right’.

False confession.
There’s no denying that this tale involving Victor’s false confession has had some interesting twists, but on the whole there is still such a fatigue with the ‘who killed Diane?’ storyline. ‘Who cares who killed Diane?’ is more accurate at this point. One of the best parts of this confession fallout is that Victor and Adam have finally, sort of, acknowledged how much alike they are – Victor’s dysfunctional relationships with each of his children are interesting, but the dynamic with Adam is the most intriguing of all. Victor’s confession has also given Sharon a reason to be back in Adam’s orbit – the chemistry when they’re in a room together is absolutely electric – whether they’re loving or hating. Having Ronan get fired, and Victor bribe the new detective to bring him the syringe case was quite a stretch, but the preview of Ronan asking Phyllis to go rogue with him makes it worth it to buy in – can’t wait to see what they get up to.