Restless Rant
Week of November 28 – December 2:

“Y&R” had a lot going on this week – many entertaining scenes and plenty to remark on. Here goes:

Island honeymoon.
Ashley and Tucker were extremely hot on their island honeymoon! They both looked fantastic all wet and making out is their swimsuits – great chemistry they share. The downside was that this romantic interlude was short-lived. The twist of Emily being Tucker’s therapist was a winner – though I was puzzled about Ashley’s strong reaction – she and Emily were basically friendly. In any case, the Jack/Emily reunion was touching.

Top cat.
Loved the gloaty scenes with Adam ensconced in Victor’s chair at Newman Enterprises taking on all comers!

Nikki’s return.
She’s finally back! It’s like finding the missing piece to a puzzle, isn’t it? Nikki’s scenes of drunken confession with Victor were powerful (of course I don’t really believe she did it – she just thinks she did), as was her exchange with Victoria, but the reunion with Nick was basically a snore. Nikki also shared amazing scenes this week with Harmony, Deacon, and, not to be forgotten, the vodka!

Victor’s confession.
This is classic soap and the actual confession was pure gold – “I injected the bitch…and then bashed her head in!” Victor pretending to be drunk, Adam showing up just in time to back-up ‘Dad’s’ story, and Nikki crawling out from under the haystack after everyone left – just excellent. The downside…

Murder mystery marathon.
Many viewers wish the Diane murder mystery would just end, no matter what entertaining scenes (see above) it may produce as it goes along. Since many decided Patty was the killer months ago, the ‘real time’ investigation just feels too drawn out. Another issue may be that we just didn’t care enough about Diane to be so invested in finding her killer.