Restless Rant
Week of November 21- 25:

It’s been a shorter week on “Y&R,” but there was plenty going on anyway. Here are thoughts on this week’s storylines:

Is he alright?
Neil was hard to take this week – don’t propose and then make expressions like you’re going to be sick – so rude! Also, his high and mighty attitude toward Harmony was annoying – who asked him anyway? Obviously Neil’s sudden reluctance where Sofia’s concerned cracks the door for him to get something going with Harmony now that they’ve got the ‘fine line between love and hate’ thing going. Unfortunately, Harmony’s still sporting an outsider vibe, and hanging around with faux Katherine isn’t really doing much to help matters. Here’s hoping she’ll become more established somehow before they rush into a pairing with her and Neil.

My dad.
Finally we were rewarded with Billy telling Vikki about Victor’s involvement in his absence, and Victoria telling her dad to shove it. Unfortunately, there’s a sense this might be short-lived, since Victor still seems to know something Victoria doesn’t about Billy and Chelsea. Sigh.

Reunion part two.
Arguably the best scenes this week were Billy reuniting with Delia – and Jill. The heartfelt moment between Jill and Billy had me choked up!

Calm down Chloe.
This may be the one redeeming feature of the Chloe/Kevin hook-up – his ability to get her to back-off from being angry with Billy right now.

Winters Thanksgiving.
It was good to see Cane join Lily and the twins at Neil’s place for Thanksgiving, and nice that it was handled subtly. The whole deal with Neil’s engagement hit a sour note, however. Also, wasn’t it strange that Devon would have to leave his Thanksgiving dinner so Angelina could sing? Why is he agreeing to help her anyway?