Are there any Johnny Depp fans out there? readers have discerning taste, so they’ll be excited to hear about this new project that teams several of Y&R’s best male actors, past and present, with a performer who spends his life impersonating Johnny Depp – and does a good job of it too!

“The Essence of Depp” is a new indie film which has yet to link up with a distributor, but if the trailer is anything to go by (and the acting caliber), it shouldn’t be long before things start happening!

After a month of pre-production, including writing the film, raising funds, and signing the actors, the project was underway. It was sold to the producer as a 15 minute short, but in the end, the writer and director had enough quality footage to make a feature film.

“The Essence of Depp” is shot documentary-style, and features Stacey Souther (who wrote the film) as Tom Hanson the Johnny Depp ASSimilar, Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) as a Robert Downey Jr. ASSimilar called Bob Jr., who takes Tom under his wing, David Lago (ex-Raul) as a Richard Greico ASSimilar (remember him from 21 Jump Street?), and Thad Luckinbill (J.T. Hellstrom) as character J.B. A big added bonus for fans of The Young and the Restless – John Enos III (ex-Bobby) also appears – as himself!

Scott Burkhart from the Y&R’s wardrobe department also had a hand in the production as a costume designer.

It was interesting to discover, in the process of researching this indie film, that Y&R’s Christian LeBlanc actually began his acting career as a Robert Downey Jr. lookalike in real life! encourages readers to visit YouTube and view the trailer, which can also be seen on “The Essence of Depp” MySpace Page ! Support our fabulous Y&R actors!