Restless Rant
Week of November 14 – 18:

Aside from the Billy/Victoria reunion, Ashley and Tucker’s wedding, and my personal favorite, Kevin taking on Victor, it was really quite a slow week for “Y&R.” Storylines were moving forward, it’s true, but there seemed to be a lot of filler and dull scenes that weren’t very exciting to watch. Here’s a look at the week:

Winters wonderland.
Neil came across like a bit of a cad this week with his utterly unromantic ‘suggestion’ to Sofia that they get married – he couldn’t even fake some sugar and a proper proposal? Furthermore, what’s the rush? He redeemed himself later in the week, however, by giving solid advice to Devon about his bio-family, and also by stopping Harmony from interrupting the wedding. The Winters family had a busy week, which was great (it’s always amazing to have Liv and Roxy back), unfortunately the scenes surrounding the christening were terminally boring. Consider the ‘highlights’ – Sofia talking about moving out after the holidays, Devon standing beside Tucker, and Tucker paying for the reception.

The Patty/Adam confrontation on Monday’s episode not only raised further questions about what really happened surrounding Diane’s death, but also brought on some anticipation – it’s going to be entertaining to see how Adam will deal with the loose cannon that is Patty.

High-heeled boot.
It was funny seeing Ronan scramble to keep Phyllis hidden when Nick and Avery showed up to ‘confess’ – though it’s ridiculous that they’d go to a detective’s house like that in the first place. Anyway, something tells me that Avery seeing the high-heeled boot in his room will come up again. Good scenes.

Love in the afternoon.
Hooray for Michael who finally stopped kissing Victor’s butt long enough to indulge in some hanky-panky with his wife! We desperately needed to see that side of Michael again, and the afternoon interlude, though a little out-of-the-blue, was a bright spot in a mostly boring episode.

Ganging up.
Ronan took it on the chin from both Chance and Christine this week before they left town. Normally this self-righteousness irks me, but in this case it’s true that Ronan needs to make a decision about Nina – the waffling is getting super old.