Restless Rant
Week of November 7 – 11:

Though “Y&R” was very good on the whole this week, the Rant turned out to be a mixed review. Let’s get right to it:

He fell for it.
The shenanigans at Newman Enterprises with Adam back over there should be entertaining. Here’s hoping there’s a twist in this storyline so that Victor doesn’t come out on top as usual. Who knows, Victoria may leave The Mustache hanging if she finds out he manipulated Billy, which would throw a monkey wrench into whatever he’s planning. In any case, Victor and Adam matching wits is worth anticipating since they’re both so conniving, and much more alike than they’d ever want to admit.

Behind the lace veil.
What a hoot having Patty lurking around underneath that veil – just a tad flushed after that nasty explosion. Who knows what Patty has in store for certain unlucky Genoa City residents this time around, including her lover man, Jack? Genevieve better sleep with one eye open! Maybe knowing Jack wants Beauty of Nature, Patty will set her sights on bringing down Victor.

Her own brand of justice.
Thud. That was the sound of the Phyllis/Avery ‘secret from the past’ reveal falling flat. Are we really supposed to buy that Phyllis left home and told everyone her parents were dead because her father bilked some people out of their lifesavings? Sure, she might be humiliated, maybe even bad-mouth them after moving away, but let’s face it, Phyllis has never been a paragon of virtue and morality herself so her outrage isn’t fitting, and this doesn’t remotely explain her hostility toward Avery, who was a kid at the time all this happened. Why would Phyllis not want a relationship with Avery now in Genoa City? Why would she have been shaking at the sight of her? Makes no sense. As for Avery sleeping with Nick and championing Daisy’s cause – it’s hard to have sympathy for her since she’s done these things. Which brings me to Nick…

I wasn’t thinking of Phyllis either.
Sleeping with Phyllis’s little sister probably isn’t one of the best calls Nick has ever made. Especially when it puts him square in the middle of their feud – he’s just not the brightest bulb… Maybe he’s hoping to get the lawsuit dropped since it’s a conflict of interest for Avery – or maybe she didn’t file one against Restless Style at all after Nick’s ‘negotiating’. In any case, the resulting scenes between Nick and Phyllis after she walked into Avery’s suite, and later at Crimson Lights, were very powerful.

I never told anyone that before.
Disappointing reveal of the week #2 involved Ronan opening up to Phyllis. It’s easy to love the tough detective/vulnerable boy-man contrast that is Ronan, and he positively smolders in love scenes, but after all this waiting are we really supposed to be satisfied that the big secret behind his dramatic disappearance is that he felt uncomfortable?! Really? He couldn’t have told Nina or Christine or Chance that having his life saved was overwhelming and he needed some space? Thud.