With Kristoff St. John having recently won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor, it is a great time to take a look at his Y&R character Neil Winters, and take a peek into his history on the show!

Neil Winters was an up-and-coming young executive at Jabot Cosmetics when he had a chance encounter at work with the new, rough-around-the-edges, Jabot model Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell). Drucilla, who was smitten with her sister Olivia’s (Tonya Lee Williams) boyfriend, Nathan (Nathan Purdee), convinced Neil to accompany her on a double date with the pair. Neil promptly fell for Olivia, and both Dru and Neil pined for their respective crushes until Nathan and Olivia finally married. Neil and Drucilla turned to one another in their disappointment and wound up sleeping together. Neil fell hopelessly in love with Drucilla once he saw her dance ballet, and ultimately, Neil married Dru in the Chancellor Mansion. They had their honeymoon in Antigua.

Over the years, Neil’s marriage faced many ups and downs. He battled with accepting his wife’s decision not to have children, but was pleasantly surprised when she turned up pregnant with Lily. He was not so happy years later when it came out that his brother Malcolm (Shemar Moore) had slept with a medicated Drucilla when he was away on business, and that Lily was actually Malcolm’s daughter.

During the years after Neil found out about the one-night stand and he and Drucilla were separated, Neil had affairs with Alex Perez (Alexia Robinson), Dru’s sister, Olivia, and none other than Victoria Newman! Neil and Victoria became engaged when she was pregnant with Cole’s child, and she and Neil decided they would raise the baby together. When the premature baby died, Neil and Victoria’s relationship did not survive either, and the engagement ended. Neil and Victoria remain close to this day.