Restless Rant
Week of October 31 – November 4:

It must be November! Suddenly there was so much happening this week on “Y&R.” There was a fun gathering, humor, passion, storylines moving forward, tense confrontations, terrific twists, and some great Friday cliffhanger action. If only it could be like this all the time. Here are my thoughts for the week:

Santa baby.
As frustrating as Billy’s latest storyline has been for viewers (what could he possibly have done!), the silver lining has definitely turned out to be the Kevin/Billy scenes. I love the way Billy so easily gets Kevin flustered and fed up – so entertaining watching these two characters! The visits Billy paid to Delia and Vikki – though it was stretching it to believe they didn’t recognize him – were both poignant as we wished he could just reveal himself. Thankfully, things are moving forward – and what better way to find out exactly what Billy did, than via Cane – another character that has an amazing dynamic with Billy.

More zombie juice for everybody!
The Halloween gathering had so many laughs! From Vikki getting hammered, to Angelo beaming proudly as his daughter tortured karaoke songs, to Kevin downing Daniel’s beer upon seeing Billy arrive, there was plenty of comic relief. Of course there was tension too – courtesy of Ricky, Avery, Phyllis, Nick, Adam, and most surprisingly, Eden, who managed to render Abby speechless by grabbing Daniel and kissing him!

Helping Sharon.
The twist of Adam helping Sharon by hurting Heather was a good one, but so was the twist of Adam being denied taking credit for saving Sharon because Ronan and Phyllis showed up in the courtroom with the memory card. It screwed Adam out of his ‘moment’, played on the history of Phyllis and Sharon, and gave Phyllis her mini-victory over Avery. I only wished I hadn’t known ahead of time that Ronan and Phyllis were going to appear at the last minute, as it lessened the impact – spoilers, bah.