Credit: Christine and Shaun! (PROUD FM) will be getting a first-hand look at the inner workings of The Young and the Restless on Wednesday, June 18th, as Editor-in-Chief Christine Fix and her friend and associate, Shaun Proulx have been invited to take a tour of the set while in town for the Daytime Emmy Awards! Christine and Shaun, along with Gregg Brown, do the Y&R afternoon show on PROUD FM (103.9 Toronto). I had a chance to chat with Christine and Shaun as they prepared for their trip. Here’s the scoop on just what the twosome anticipating:

Candace: You must be excited! Have you been to a set before?

C.F.: I’ve been too busy to enjoy the excitement, so I’m just now feeling it! I’ve been to a television set visit before in Toronto, but this surpasses it. Shaun’s excitement makes me look forward to it that much more!

S.P.: I’ve been to film and TV sets before, but this is THE Y&R! It’s like
discovering the Holy friggin’ GRAIL!

Candace: I have a vision of what the Y&R set is like in my mind. How do you imagine it to be?

C.F.: I’ve seen photos and videos, but no real preconceptions. They’ve got some of the best sets in soaps, so I have high expectations. The Chancellor and Abbott mansions will make me smile, and the ranch! The ranch. Very cool. After watching this show since I was a child, I admit I’m a little in awe. Do you think they’ll give me something, like a vase from the Chancellor mansion as a… nah!

S.P.: Small. Only because Jess Walton (Jill) once had a friend-of-a-friend in for a visit and that was the report back. But who cares? the HOLY FRIGGIN’ GRAIL!

Candace: Who will be meeting you upon your arrival, and how will your day progress from that point on?

C.F.: Along with the publicists and public relations staff, we’ll meet whoever is working that day. I’m looking forward to meeting the PR team as much as the cast and crew, since we’ve been corresponding for so long and since they’re the ones who made this delicious offering. Since I have a bit of a background working in theatre, I’m very curious about all aspects of the studio. I’m told we’ll be wandering about, meeting whoever is available and getting as many interviews as we can!

S.P.: My amazing pal Christine Fix, about whom I can say only the kindest things, AND she has wicked hair, is the leader in this adventure. I am merely her perky sidekick, following her around like a puppy. Until I see Daniel Goddard (Cane). Then it’s catfight time and Fix’d better get out of my way!