Restless Rant
Week of September 26 – 30:

The trend of abruptly changing focus from one storyline to another is driving me crazy. Suddenly the spotlight is back on Diane’s murder case and no one even mentions the other things going on in their lives. Why can’t Ronan deal with work and his feelings for Chloe at the same time? Why is it that when Phyllis goes to Nick’s to talk about the murder case she fails to mention the Lucy/Avery/Daisy situation? Why does no one talk about Sharon’s trial while the Diane investigation is front and center? Not only does it give an unrealistic feel to things (real people deal with more than one issue at a time); the lack of flow in storytelling gets frustrating. In any case, it was good to see the Diane murder case moving forward this week. Here are some thoughts on the storylines:

Wrong battle…
The Phyllis versus Avery situation being set up gives me pause. While I do like the potential for fireworks, and the twist itself, part of me finds it hard to understand where Avery is coming from. One minute she’s trying to endear herself to Phyllis and waxing on about how much she loves her big sister, and the next she’s doling out papers ordering Phyllis to take her grandbaby up to the penitentiary. Avery’s obviously no dummy, so she can’t be missing the fact that Daisy’s a psychotic criminal. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what exactly she’s trying to achieve. Avery also spent time with Nick this week, and though no sparks flew (their scenes were a bit bland actually), this could herald a whole different sort of problem for Phyllis if Avery decides to go after him – she’s definitely giving off that ‘rescue me’ vibe around him!

You’ve got mail.
While I could watch Billy read the phone book, this storyline surrounding his return continues to basically just irritate me. Victoria sending her self-indulgent emails (if she’d paid half as much attention to Billy when he was in town, he might not have left), people like Jack showing up at the trailer when Billy is conveniently not there – and not noticing signs that someone’s living there, Victor showing up to taunt Billy with booze when he’s about to donate bone marrow to Delia, and Kevin stopping in to vent – this stuff exasperates me. Billy coming and going undetected from Vikki’s house was also silly. The thing that really matters right now is understanding what is keeping Billy away from Delia when she’s so sick – I like to think this character would move mountains to be with her right now, so I can’t wait for this unexplained situation to be addressed. Having viewers dying to know what Billy did is the one thing that is working in this storyline!