Restless Rant
Week of September 19 – 23:

“The Young and the Restless” was a tad lackluster this week. Things in Genoa City continued to be pretty dismal, and none of the storylines really had any zing to grab the attention. There wasn’t even a decent Friday cliffhanger. Here are my thoughts on the key plots:

Abby please just stop. Victor made the understatement of the year when he told her that her obsession with McCall was ‘clouding her judgment’ – ya’ think? Devon’s advice to her about her mother was a breath of fresh air too.

Whine cellar.
I had high hopes that the scenario with Gloria and Colin trapped together in the wine cellar would prove to be hilarious and very entertaining, but was disappointed that it turned out to be mostly a grumpy Colin raging about Genevieve. What did you think of the wine cellar scenes? Weigh in by voting in’s The Young and the Restless Snap Poll: The Cellar.

Second chances.
I like the fact that Jill opened her heart to Cane again, but find it frustrating that she ignores his warnings about Colin. I wish Kay would relent a little in her attitude toward Cane too – something I’ve always admired about her was her ability to see people for who they really are, and that’s been lost a bit in her recent storylines. As for Cane, I enjoyed his scenes this week. He seems to be regaining his footing a little in Genoa City. I also liked seeing Lauren more this week, both with Jill and Lily.

Loaner donor.
The vague nature of this whole scenario with Billy and Victor irks me. What could Billy possibly have done, and why aren’t viewers privy to it so we can understand his dilemma? It’s been a tad difficult to buy into Kevin agreeing to go along with all this too, not to mention Michael ‘suggesting’ him as a candidate to Victor. Also, are we supposed to believe that manipulating Victoria’s love life is more important to Victor than a sick little girl having her daddy by her side? That’s pretty gross. For a supposedly smart man, Victor sure is slow to learn that his meddling backfires every time. In any case, I hope that when ‘what Billy did’ is revealed it’s horrendous enough to explain all these people’s actions. As for Billy seeing Victoria with Sam, it didn’t faze me much – all will come out in the wash, I’m sure.