Restless Rant
Week of September 12 – 16:

The herky-jerky pacing of the storylines is still getting to me. Casting issues aren’t helping matters. “Y&R” is developing a bit of a reputation for bringing in ‘known’ actors, and either jamming them into unsuitable roles, failing to write them quality material, or dropping them just as viewers warm to their character. This is proving to be an exercise in frustration for fans and is detrimental to the quality of the show when established characters and storylines are compromised as a result. Here are my notes on the week:

Who killed Diane?
I’m not sure who still cares. The momentum has faltered in this storyline. Threads have been dropped – like what happened to Deacon blackmailing Phyllis? Phyllis suddenly got a sister and neither Deacon or the murder case have been mentioned by her since. As for Abby, would she really be so quick to meddle in Ashley’s affairs again after the end result the last time? Tucker worships the ground Ashley walks on, and if Abby would stop jabbering and judging for five minutes she might realize that, and maybe could have avoided making a mess of things again. In any case, I’m not all that pumped up about the continuation of the murder mystery at this point, hopefully it will become more interesting again or just wrap-up.

Respect my leadership.
I actually enjoyed Jack getting one up on Katherine and Tucker, aka, The Bickersons, this week. It was a nice little twist, although Jack’s playing with fire if he teams with Tucker. I like the business intrigue, and look forward to Tucker finding out that Katherine’s been keeping the secret of Devon from him, because there’s bound to be an emotional and explosive confrontation between mother and son. I think it would be cool if it culminated with both of them letting their walls down.

No visitors please.
Sharon had two totally bizarre visits this week at the state pen. One was from Phyllis, who accused Sharon of sitting back and laughing at her for having her secrets revealed – this scene made no sense to me at all. The other was from Adam, who came to tell her about his eye surgery. The way Sharon reacted to his news seemed out-of-character for her, and I felt like it was a rather transparent set-up for Heather to be nicer to Adam than Sharon was, thereby affecting his testimony at the re-trial.