As readers are well aware, the old rivalry between Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) and Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) looks like it may be coming to the forefront once again on The Young and the Restless! Brad is currently scheming to bring down David Chow (Vincent Irizarry), and as a part of his plan, has agreed to ‘have David’s back’ where ace detective Paul is concerned. As veteran Y&R viewers will remember, the bad blood between Brad and Paul dates back to their involvement with the beautiful widow, Cassandra Rawlins (Nina Arveson).

Paul fell in love with Cassandra while she was still married to her wealthy husband, George Rawlins (Jonathon Farwell). Knowing this, Cassandra’s ailing husband plotted to frame Paul for his ‘murder’. The man really was killed, and Paul looked guilty. Paul faked his own death and went undercover to solve the mystery. It turned out that Cassandra had a lover, Adrian Hunter (Mark Derwin), who was the actual murderer.

Though Paul still loved Cassandra, the deceptive widow plotted to net Brad Carlton to head up the company she had inherited, as well as to keep her happy personally. She drugged him and took him to Vegas to seal the deal – he didn’t even remember marrying her! However, Brad went along with it, at least for a matter of weeks, before finally divorcing Cassandra.

Soon, Cassandra died, and still the love of Paul’s life, she left everything to him. Unfortunately for Paul, it soon came out that Brad and Cassandra’s divorce had never gone through, and Brad wound up being awarded everything!

Recently on Y&R, there was a flicker of mistrust between Paul and Brad when it looked like Brad might start seeing Paul’s daughter, Heather. So now that Paul is once again defending a woman he cares deeply for as he investigates Nikki (Melody Thomas-Scott)’s new husband, how will he feel when, and if, Brad Carlton’s role in David’s gambling life comes to light? We think there will be fireworks! loves a good rivalry! For more on Paul William’s portrayer, Doug Davidson, see our recent article in which we celebrate Paul William’s 30 Years on Y&R!