Restless Rant
Week of September 5 – 9:

It’s a short week, but not a short rant. I’ve no major complaints other than the Diane murder mystery being totally dropped. Everyone’s gone from being completely consumed by it, to not even mentioning it – too unrealistic. Here are my thoughts on the week:

Sweet Sam.
So Sam’s fixing Victoria’s water heater…wonder what he’ll be fixing next? I feel a pull between these two – more than I ever did between him and Sharon – and thought it was sweet how he showed up with a dog that was conveniently too big for his apartment – just what she needed, even if she didn’t realize it herself. Of course they’ll probably never hook-up given Billy’s imminent return, but I’m genuinely enjoying their dynamic.

Down ‘n’ dirty.
Speaking of Billy, it looks like he’s hit rock bottom – and has literally just woken up there. How much do you want to bet the first thing he sees when he focuses is the smug mug of The Mustache?

Missing Nikki.
At least they’re starting to mention Nikki a little more often. I’m truly missing her – she’s an integral part of “Y&R.”

Courtroom chaos.
The goings-on at Sharon’s re-trial promise to be entertaining, but really, they might as well just let her go free with Heather prosecuting; Avery’s already running rings around her. It was big of Victor to decide to ‘tell all’ to save Sharon now that she’s on her second trial. If he’d told the whole story in her first trial she wouldn’t be in this position.

Avery may be together when it comes to the courtroom, but she seems to be more erratic when it comes to Phyllis. It appears they share a tendency toward being edgy and temperamental. I’m interested to see how Phyllis’s blooper – exposing her secret to Nick – will affect her and Nick now that they’re flirting with togetherness again. By the way, I hope they explain Avery and Phyllis’s family back story soon – what’s so terrible?