Restless Rant
Week of August 29 – September 2:

Well it’s been storyline bumper cars this week as we careened away from Diane’s murder case, the Phyllis/Avery reveal, and Sharon’s retrial, and lurched back into the Sofia pregnancy drama and smack into the reveal of Tucker’s son. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

Well played.
Cane’s abrupt decision to leave made for a moving little scene with Lily and the twins at the airport. I was definitely drawn into the moment and got a lump in my throat. What puzzled me was her letting him caress her face and hold her, and then, presto, back at the house she’s cold toward him again – what? I had to giggle at her answering the door to Daniel and saying, “What can I do for you?” That is exactly the kind of tense, awkward thing people say in a situation like that. I can totally see Daniel ending up with Eden after this, since we all know Lily will go all self-righteous on his butt for talking to Neil. I don’t mind that idea – NuEden seems beyond Noah somehow. As for Cane, did he intentionally manipulate Lily as Genevieve is suggesting? Hmm…

Let’s get busy.
The workplace banter between Jack, Jill, and Genevieve has been pretty entertaining to watch, although some of the Jill/Genevieve stuff has had a cartoonish feel, since they’re rhyming off scripted insults over superficial things, rather than really addressing the meat of the issues between them – meaning Cane and Colin. Now that I’d like to see. Jack, as usual, is getting way too cocky where Jabot is concerned and is likely headed for a fall. Speaking of which, what ever happened to the big SEC trial that Victor kept threatening him with?

The Phyllis/Avery stuff has great potential. Phyllis’s cagey explanation to Michael about why she left home didn’t help enlighten us as to what really went on there – or explain why she bears such animosity toward Avery. Maybe she thinks Avery will bring the other family members into her orbit? Anyway, I’m glad that Michael and Phyllis are ‘on’ again – I had missed their friendship. Check out our very interesting chat with the actor who plays Phyllis’s blackmailer, Deacon, through Interview: The Young And The Restless’s Sean Kanan.