Restless Rant
Week of August 22 – 26:

This week had a sluggish feel at times, but there were lots of juicy bits, and a strong Friday send-off for the weekend with the Phyllis/Avery stuff. Check out my thoughts on the week.

Snap to it.
The Diane murder mystery became decidedly draggy this week. Other than Ronan outwitting Ashley and Nick by taping them, the bit with Adam’s ring being chipped after the murder, and someone (Paul) finally realizing it would be a good idea to drag the creek, it was pretty slow. The side story with Deacon trying to blackmail Phyllis into dating him is a little weird, but somewhat entertaining because they share chemistry. On the whole, I feel like they should keep the pace of this storyline snappy or everyone’s going to lose interest since no one really believes any of the main characters killed her anyway.

Eyes and ears.
Heather totally irritated me by running to the D.A. and asking to be his ‘eyes and ears’ on Malloy. If you hate the guy so much, why bother? Also this week, how did Heather go from having to ‘prove herself’ working in a cubicle to having the last word on whether Adam should be allowed to leave town or not in one episode? One thing’s for sure, with Avery going up against Heather in Sharon’s new trial, Sharon’s chances just got a whole lot better!

Sharon’s revolving door.
Coming through Sharon’s personal prison revolving door this week was Adam – I think she called his emotions pretty right on – he’s tried to turn the love to hate. I had to wonder why Sam didn’t back her up and say there was nothing between them when he showed up – it was strange for him to stay silent, but the scene was probably devised to set up Adam’s renewed anger for the retrial. It was nice that Noah, Nick, and Faith all visited, since a suitable amount of time had passed for their anger toward her to thaw. Victor also continues to visit and hug on Sharon. It will be interesting to see if he’ll be asked to incriminate himself to save her in this new trial.

Tucker twist.
The Katherine and Tucker courtroom drama sure proved to have an intriguing twist. More importantly, this week we were able to see each character’s point-of-view which I appreciate so much as a viewer. Ashley’s ominous warning to Jack outside of the courtroom was great too – love the Abbott siblings! It was also nice to see Murphy – they should have him on screen more.