Restless Rant
Week of August 15 – 19:

I’m truly all over the place this week with likes and dislikes. The Diane murder continues to drive most of the story, with other storylines wafting in and out. The drought continues in the romance department as well. Check out my thoughts:

Inspector Gadget.
I don’t understand Ronan’s extreme animosity toward Nina, especially considering they were getting along before the liver transplant. I’d love an explanation.

Let’s twist again.
For the most part I’m still enjoying the Diane murder mystery. The emotional stuff with Jack and Kyle was good at the beginning of the week, and I quite like the awkward off-shoots that have developed from the situation such as Abby and Ashley going at it again over Tucker. For some reason I loved it when Ashley finally told Abby to stop obsessing over her life and go straighten out her own – one of those very satisfying moments. The Ashley/Nick and Phyllis/Deacon scenes have been unexpected and entertaining. We get the heat of Phyllis and Nick without having to settle into a rut, the banter of Phyllis and Deacon, as well as the peculiar pairing of Nick and Ashley, who have been thrown together due to circumstance. Keep the twists coming!

Avery’s agenda.
It’s looking more and more like Avery has some kind of chip on her shoulder, and possibly an agenda. Why didn’t she come back to the jail to meet with Phyllis? Does she have a connection to Adam? Is the last name ‘Clark’ indicative of a connection to Sharon’s rapist, Matt Clark? Why was she flustered and late to the meeting with Sharon and Sam earlier in the week? Lots of clues that something is up with her, and I can’t wait to find out what it is!

Bring sexy back.
As for the aforementioned Sam, they really do need to address the issue of him being such a sap. Who decides to leave their home and business to sit around in the state pen all day with a ‘friend’? “Y&R” needs to sexy this man up stat. Maybe he’ll become more interesting now that he’s shown up on Victoria’s doorstep.