Restless Rant
Week of August 8 – 12:

I’m still missing romance, and think it’s odd that we’ve seen nothing of the younger set frolicking poolside this summer, but the murder mystery continued to hold my interest this week. Not because I actually think any of the suspects killed Diane, but because the confrontations and twists have been stellar. I’m interested to see how the pieces will all fit. Here are my thoughts…

The suspect board.
Many readers want to know what’s up with the suspect board being in the middle of the police station for anyone who walks in to see – pretty bizarre! At least they’re covering it up with that handy dandy sheet now. Too funny. As for the murder mystery itself, it continues to enthrall. I really don’t think any of the suspects killed Diane (I still think it will prove to be Patty), but piecing together the events of the night is proving to be quite entertaining. Ronan, in particular, has been brilliant. He does ‘hard-nosed detective’ perfectly, yet we are still privy to his little frustrations and even vulnerabilities – like that dopey smile he got on his face when he first saw Chloe. He’s held his own in showdowns with Victor, and Adam, and the scene between him and Phyllis was nothing short of amazing – the one-liners were fabulous and the sexual tension was palpable. Scrumptious! Some points to ponder:

* Could Phyllis be the one calling Nick trying to find out what he’s keeping from her? I think maybe. She no sooner walked out the door of Restless Style when his phone rang again – made me go hmm… Also, I love the sidebar of her constantly seeing Nick and Ashley comforting each other. Read more about Ashley through Interviews The Young And The Restless’s Eileen Davidson.

* Deacon is so fun to watch when he’s this pleased with himself. I love how he talks to himself – this guy is his own best friend! However, it’s time for him to reveal what he knows – and what he wants – the lurking and taunting will get old fast.

* The key in Diane’s mouth/throat – could she have placed it in her mouth to keep it from Abby? That green and white dress had a lot going on, but no pockets.

* The Harvard ring imprint on Diane’s arm makes no sense to me. If someone grabbed her arm, the ring wouldn’t press against her flesh unless the ring was turned around the wrong way. By the way, I love that Kyle took Jack’s ring – nice twist.

So lucky to be with you.
If Lily and Daniel are pairing up, they’ve really got to stop ignoring the gigantic elephant in the room – Daniel gave up his own child because he doesn’t want to parent, and Lily has two kids! Could we at least discuss this please, people! It makes sense that Lily doesn’t trust Cane at this point, but I do think he should be able to see the kids. As for Cane’s nutty family, am I sensing a love/hate thing between Colin and Genevieve – why haven’t they divorced?