Michael Graziadei who plays Daniel Romalotti on The Young and the Restless, has landed the pivotal role of “Mace” in the straight to DVD film, “The Reef” from MGM and Reef Productions Inc.

Michael will take a hiatus from Y&R while he films for four weeks in Hawaii. Production got underway at the Hawaii Yacht Club in May after a traditional Hawaiian blessing was conducted by Blaine Kamalani Kia. A portion of the Yacht Club’s first floor has been converted to the bedroom/sailboard shop for the character Mace. Also co-starring in the film is hottie, Chris Carmack, who has recently appeared in several popular teen films (one with Amanda Bynes), and is best remembered for his role as a spoiled rich kid on “One Tree Hill”.

The story surrounding the film tells about a Spanish galleon which was sunk a long time ago during a hurricane off the coast of Oahu on the North Reef. Presumably, the modern day interest in the shipwreck revolves around the ‘buried treasure’ that went down with the San Cristobal.

Those involved in the shoot tell of plenty of underwater scenes being done, along with night diving, jet ski chases, gun shooting, threats, and lots of skin and love scenes!

Soaps.com wishes Michael lots of luck and fun during his time away from Y&R! We can’t wait to get the DVD in our hot little hands! Look for an announcement in this spot when the DVD is released, probably next year!