Restless Rant
Week of July 25 – 29:

As I reviewed the week’s recaps, I realized that if anything good happened to anyone in Genoa City this week, I must have blinked and missed it. Too much negativity, folks! It’s still summer – time for some romance, barbecues, and pool parties. Not that any of the miserable characters in town are likely to be in the mood, but one can always hope. There are also quite a few characters missing in action. Here are my thoughts.

How the hell could I be married to you?
Well, that was quite a twist in the jailhouse wedding ceremony on Monday. I think there’s a possibility that Adam chose to derail the wedding in hopes that Sharon would still take the plea deal. If so, it seems to have backfired. Conversely, he may have been acting on his sense of betrayal as he claimed, knowing that it would be too late for her to get the plea deal. Also interesting this week was the reveal that Adam is hiding someone – could it be Skye, ready to be carted out alive and well at an opportune moment? It’s a stretch, but not impossible on “Y&R.” As for the endless scenes of Sharon and her magical prison revolving door – I’m ready for something completely different. Sam hasn’t grown on me either despite my best efforts. Regardless of his ‘house call’ on Adam, I still find him dull and too much of a do-gooder to wind my clock. And why does he keep phoning that Piper kid?

Don’t tell your father.
Sorry, I don’t believe for a second that bratty Kyle would have kept his mouth shut when Jack showed up as Diane was telling him she was shipping him off to boarding school. Nope.

Hey now, I’m a rock star.
That was quite the explanation Tucker gave Ashley for why he doesn’t know who his son is – or his son’s mother. As for his neurological difficulties, I don’t understand why Ashley is willing to go to such great lengths to cover up his problem, but isn’t willing to step up and run the company – wouldn’t it be easier than all the subterfuge? I’m back to being puzzled about Katherine’s actions this week. I could almost understand her feeling like she needed to protect the company, but why go over to Jack’s house and plot to dissolve her son’s marriage as well? Strange.

Desk sex interrupted.
Okay, I loved Diane roaring into Restless Style and pulling horny Nick off half-naked Phyllis, and the ensuing cat fight was wonderful, but I also felt ripped off, and here’s why – since Nick slept with Diane, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the moment when Phyllis would find out about it and totally blow a gasket. But apparently she found out without us knowing since in this scene she clearly already knew they’d been involved. That’s just no fun. Anyway, here’s hoping Nick and Phyllis learned to lock the doors and turn off the elevator next time – and you know there will be a next time.