Restless Rant
Week of July 18 – 22:

“Y&R” had a weird feel for me this week with a ‘downer’ vibe that doesn’t suit me for summertime. Bring on the pool parties, please! Here’s how it looked from here:

Are you buying this?
The Jabot launch, disappointingly, was a yawn from start to finish. Usually I love a gathering, but there was nothing happening that really intrigued me. Even Abby finding out that Ashley had married Tucker was a ‘so what’ moment.

Time to walk away.
How nasty is it for Victor to run over to Victoria’s and pretend to be supportive when he’s actually fanning the flames of her troubles with Billy behind her back – nice father. That said, I don’t feel sorry for Victoria this time around – she should never have run back to Victor after the way he’s behaved toward her and Billy in the past, it’s hypocritical. Nikki needs to come back and give everyone a reality check.

The naked truth.
Abby confessing to Tucker made for an interesting scene – especially since she asked him about Diane again. I feel like there was an unspoken understanding occurring between them as they agreed to move on.

Drink it.
The best scenes of the week happened in Jimmy’s Bar. I love the dynamic between Cane and Billy. Billy realized in short order that Cane was going to deal with him straight up. I also loved Cane and Chloe’s frank discussion at Jimmy’s – once again, they cut through the crap and came to an understanding. I’ve been saying that Cane needs someone to talk to, and now he has that in Chloe. With their history, this is doubly delicious.

I can’t do this anymore.
Victoria got my ‘slap of the week’ in the last Restless Rant, and nothing improved this week as she walked out on her husband while he was in the hospital, saying she couldn’t do this anymore since she was no longer laughing – what happened to ‘for better or worse’? If Victoria had stood by him and asked him to stay in their home after they lost Lucy, he probably wouldn’t even be in this position. He got a wake-up call from Chloe, now he needs support to get back on track.