Michelle (David Fix, Soaps.com)

What can I say about Michelle Stafford except that I love, love, love her, even more so after hanging out with her in her limo on Saturday afternoon in my home town of Toronto. Picture seven of us piled into the back of a limo, dishing about her Emmy nomination, the differences between herself and her alter ego, Phyllis, and her love of country music! It was a blast!

Soaps.com received word on Friday May 9 that Michelle Stafford was heading to a local flea market in Toronto May 10 to answer questions and sign autographs. Fans were to purchase glossy photographs of Michelle for a nominal fee for her to sign, with the proceeds of the sale of the photographs going toward ending breast cancer. Since I’m in Toronto, I had to do some fast work in contacting a few of my pals at “Y&R” as well as Michelle’s publicist to request some time to chat with the ultra popular actress the next day. Everything worked out in the end, as it usually does, and Saturday we headed to the Fleastival Flea Market in Etobicoke, Ontario. Five of us (my entourage) piled into the limo along with Michelle and her publicist. We chit-chatted idly about our previous night’s plans, and Michelle mentioned that she had slept on the red-eye on her way to Toronto, and my friend, Gregg explained that the rest of us were at his place, (AKA, the Chancellor Mansion) the night before having a “Y&R” Barbeque. Gregg Brown, for those of you who listen to my Friday Y&R guest segment on ProudFM know that he is known as Gregg Brown-Chancellor-Abbott-Newman-Winters-Bardwell.

We discussed Soaps.com and how our staff does their best to ensure our message boards are well moderated, and how we discourage and remove any actor and actress bashing from our forums. Michelle was clearly impressed with this and said, “The internet has made a turn in the last six months… What with the growth of Youtube, and the way people splice up videos, there is no control over it! You can completely make someone look like a moron by cutting up a video and make them look completely different. You know, you can’t do that on TV, you’d get sued,” she exclaims. Though she doesn’t frequent them, currently, she found herself on a message board in the past and mentioned how upset she was to read a few posts that got personal with her and Sharon Case. She doesn’t visit go to the boards anymore, and we got a taste of why, when she verbalized her displeasure at reading how they’d pit Sharon against Michelle, comparing the two actresses in a derogatory fashion. Being that they’re friends outside of “Genoa City,” one can see how this would cause some annoyance – and this is precisely why we don’t allow this kind of talk in our boards. In fact, while she was answering questions later inside the flea market, Michelle was very clear when she asked the fans not to post things like that on the boards.