Far-from-ugly actor Eddie Cibrian (ex-Matt Clark, Y&R) has turned up on the popular television series “Ugly Betty”! He is playing Coach Tony Diaz, who gets off on the wrong foot with Betty’s (America Ferraro) high-strung sister Hilda (Ana Oritz), but who just might wind up being her next love interest on the show! If the hot promo photo is anything to go by, then we can’t wait!

In Eddie’s debut episode, Coach Diaz calls the house to let Hilda know that her son Justin (Mark Indelicato) is flunking gym! Hilda, who doesn’t think Justin should even have to participate, heads to the school and a confrontation ensues. The coach further enrages Hilda by telling her that his class is just as important as math or english and no one should be excused! If that’s not enough, he suggests she could do with some exercise herself! She’s very angry, but doesn’t fail to notice the Coach’s good looks! When her son ends up with detention, Hilda decides to soften her approach and invites Coach Diaz over for a haircut! He accepts, and flirting and apologies ensue, until Hilda cuts his ear with the scissors and sends him fleeing the house! Later, Hilda confides in Betty that she felt something when interacting with Diaz – and it’s the first time she has since Santos died! When she heads back to the school to apologize more flirting takes place, making it look good for Coach Tony Diaz and his portrayer Eddie Cibrian to be sticking around!

Eddie is also known for his daytime role as Cole on “Sunset Beach” and for his primetime stint as firefighter, Jimmy, on “Third Watch”. He has also done recent stints on “Criminal Minds”, “Samantha Who?”, and “Dirty, Sexy Money”. Eddie also has a role in the film “Not Easily Broken” which is currently in production, and which also stars Maeve Quinlan (ex-Megan Conley, B&B). The movie is a drama about a couple whose lives are changed irrevocably after a serious car accident.

Soaps.com is thrilled to be able to check out Eddie Cibrian on “Ugly Betty”, which airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM EST on ABC, and looks forward to seeing his new movie as well! Still, we can always hope Matt Clark will turn up at Restless Style to needle Nick Newman – can’t we?!