The Young and the Restless is sending Colleen Carlton to Shanghai, but the beautiful actress that portrays her is actually in Vancouver, Canada shooting a new film! “Spectacular!” is said to be Nickelodeon’s answer to rival Disney’s wildly popular “High School Musical”.

“Spectacular!” is a made-for-television film, and will be directed by Robert Iscove (“She’s All That”), and will star Tammin, as well as Nolan Funk, Victoria Justice (“Zoey 101”) and Simon Curtis. Nickelodeon has told media that although it is a musical, it will feature performance-based songs rather than having the characters randomly burst into song as in “High School Musical”.

The movie is the story of a preppy high school student (Tammin Sursok) who is a member of the school’s Spectacular! Choir. The choir isn’t looking good after rivals have stolen away some of the best talent and other members have graduated. This student sees a solution in the form of an arrogant, hard-to-deal-with rocker (Nolan Funk). He is able to be convinced to join the choir when enticed with prize money that would help fund his dream of being a famed rock n’ roller. Naturally, there is a twist for the self-centered fellow when he falls for the preppy choir singer!

At this point “Spectacular!” is not planned as a film that will have sequels, such as “High School Musical”, but interestingly, Nickelodeon has decided to hold options on the talent just in case! The film will hopefully debut on television screens in 2009.

Y&R’s Tammin Sursok is an Australia native with a background in singing and three top five hits to her name in Australia. She also starred in the series, “Home and Away” there before pursuing acting in the United States. Tammin also has a smaller role in the new feature film, “Crossing Over”, and is also starring in a film called “Albino Alligator” which co-stars Chris Jericho of World Wrestling Federation fame! is eagerly looking forward to seeing the talented Tammin perform in all of her films! Y&R has given Tammin time off (as Colleen heads to Shaghai) in order to take the roles.