Restless Rant
Week of July 11 – 15:

Well, the week kicked off with the seriously irritating histrionics of that kid, Piper, as Sharon was placed under arrest. Things could only get better from there. Let’s take a look at the week.

Sorry isn’t good enough!
I turned on Monday’s episode full of anticipation for everyone’s reaction to the mind-blowing news that Sharon Newman was alive. Disturbingly, her loved ones barely blinked an eye when they found out – just another typical someone’s-back-from-the-dead day in Genoa City. They skipped right past the initial emotions you’d expect in this situation and went directly to anger, or speculation about what kept her away so long. Bizarre! Still, the police station scenes were entertaining – I was particularly drawn in by the confrontation between Nick and Sharon, in which Nick roared impressively and Sharon came off looking like a total doodlehead.

Back full of cutlery.
As for Adam and Sharon, whether a viewer likes or dislikes Adam, they know what it takes for a person like him to love, and to make himself completely vulnerable to another human being, so when he rushed to the police station and professed his love and devotion to Sharon, only to realize in the next beat that she’d been with someone else, it made for a huge emotional impact. Whether devastated for him, or relishing his pain, I’m betting every viewer was riveted. As one would expect, he then ran off and did something stupid by tossing the memory card in the water. Let us know what you think about this act by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: Adam’s Actions.

Desperate Diane.
What was she wearing?! Anyway, as Diane becomes more desperate and scrambly, she also becomes more entertaining. She held her own in exchanges with both Victor and Adam this week, but I have to say, if there’s anywhere in the world I wouldn’t want to be it’s caught between that rock and that hard place! Look out Diane!

Noah’s little harem.
Where are all the other young men in town? Noah needs some competition to make things interesting. Eden and Noah may have grown apart, but she was sizing up Hunter like her next meal when she saw her hugging Noah at Gloworm. During the past two weeks NuEden has grown on me – the more adult version of the character feels like a good fit. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Hunter, whose purpose is still a mystery, and who has a younger vibe than the other two. It sounds like Paul William’s son, Ricky, may be headed for Genoa City, so perhaps Noah will find a buddy, or a rival, in him, and maybe we’ll even start seeing some new story for Paul, Nina, and Ronan, who is returning at some point as well.