“Everyone was just so nice.”

Soaps.com recently sat down for an exclusive chat with Green River Ordinance (GRO) guitarist Jamey Ice, whose band filmed scenes for a special July 8 episode of “The Young and the Restless.” Read as Jamey gives the backstage scoop about what it’s like to film Daytime television, shares personal stories about the band’s time with the “Y&R” cast and crew, and much more!

Soaps.com: GRO’s music has been featured on “Y&R” in the past, but this time the band’s been called in for an actual appearance. How did that come about?

Jamey: Honestly, I have no idea. [laughs] I know that the music people from “Y&R” had used our music before, and that our manager was with them in LA not too long ago. He was like, “Thanks for using our songs. If you need us again, let us know.” And they said, “Actually, we’re looking for this type of song for a specific scene coming up with a live band. Do you have anything that fits?” So our manager showed them some stuff from our new “Morning Passengers EP,” and they were like, “That’s perfect. That’s exactly what we’re looking for.”

Soaps.com: What were you guys thinking when you got offered the spot?

Jamey: We were like, “Heck yeah!” I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but “Y&R” really included us in the show. It’s like a Green River Ordinance kind-of-concert thing. It’s really cool. We got to play a whole song and a little bit of another one, and it’s part of the story a little bit. I wasn’t sure if we would just be in the background, but they really took care to give us some face time.

Soaps.com: Describe what it’s like to tape an episode for Daytime.

Jamey: We got there at 7.30 AM and it was just crazy. You’re in this massive warehouse with all these different sets. All the stuff you’ve seen from the shows are just right there with hundreds and hundreds of props. Plus, “Y&R” films right across from “The Price is Right,” so…

Soaps.com: I hope you guys played with the Plinko board!

Jamey: Oh, we were totally geeking out with all that stuff. [laughs] Anyway, we got there early, they gave us a run-through of what we would be doing, and then we were given dressing rooms. Everyone was just so nice, it was such a fun environment. The actors came up and talked to us to say they loved the song, and were all really encouraging.

Soaps.com: Anyone in particular stand out?

Jamey: There’s one guy, from Texas, Michael Muhney [Adam Newman], who came to chat with us. He was like, “I heard you guys are from Texas!” We talked for a little bit and were totally going crazy about the Dallas Mavericks and stuff. He was great. Everyone was super nice. When we were watching some scenes being taped, our wives were like, “Hey, there’s Victor [Newman, Eric Braeden]! There’s Jack [Abbott, Peter Bergman]!” It was kind of surreal watching it all.