Restless Rant
Week of June 27 – July 1:

It was a decent week of “Y&R” episodes, though decidedly low-key. Keep reading to hear my thoughts for the week and to find out why I thought the show hit a particularly low note with Friday’s cliffhanger episode.

Tucker theory.
I’m enjoying the twists in the Tucker storyline and here’s why – he was obviously very lucid upon waking from the coma and immediately recalled Abby being the driver, so I think that he instantly figured out that Ashley was covering for Abby after she told him she was the one driving, and everything he has done since has been in silent support of that. By marrying Ashley, he ensured that he wouldn’t have to testify against her, and by making it seem as though he is befuddled, he is further ensuring that his credibility would be in question even if Katherine (who heard him say Abby was driving) decided to push a case against Abby. Arguing with Katherine and alienating her, also ensures that she won’t pursue the truth. Of course, he could genuinely be having issues with understanding things, and with Katherine, but it will be interesting to see how it unravels.

Phyllis fans who have been having trouble getting on board with her recent actions were thrown a bit of a bone on Monday when she admitted that she can be like a pitbull, and showed some regret and vulnerability to Nick. I have to admit, it’s refreshing how they are keeping Nick and Phyllis in each other’s orbit without having them reunite for the millionth time. With regard to Lucy, though, I felt like Monday’s episode made it seem as though Phyllis might set things right, and then didn’t – meaning this baby is still in a strange home and faces yet another huge adjustment if Phyllis changes her mind down the road. As for Nick and Phyllis partnering at Restless Style again, it does seem questionable, but it will make for good viewing. Oh, and by the way, I’m still waiting for Phyllis to find out Nick slept with Diane before she leaves town – I so want to see the Phyllis/Diane and Phyllis/Nick fireworks!

Marriage mess.
Most frustrating character of the week – Victoria – who has no idea how to run her personal life and offers Billy less than half of the understanding and support he’s shown to her over the past months. Now, the spoiled princess is going back to work with daddy – in a sense it’s like she’s falling off the wagon as much as Billy. Gah.