Restless Rant
Week of June 20 – 24:

There were some questionable happenings on “The Young and the Restless” this week, but still plenty of intrigue. Let’s take a look:

Baby Lucy fallout.
This storyline has lost its luster for me somewhat since Phyllis brought Daisy back into the baby’s life. Before that I could sympathize with both sides and felt torn. Phyllis has first-hand knowledge of how dangerous and psycho Daisy can be, so it just got too unbelievable when she teamed up with her. Speaking of unrealistic, how about Billy packing up, leaving, and taking up drinking and gambling again within two seconds of the court ruling! Then there’s Chloe running around the edges of this storyline waffling over her custody suit. The premise of her relationship with Billy has always been that she accepts him for who he is and understands him, so none of that makes sense. The good news is that the acting continues to be fabulous regardless of the material, and some of the scenes have been awesome – loved Kevin sitting down for a beer with Billy! Victor swooping in to play hero with Victoria is so typical, but I had to wonder why he’s been so powerless throughout this custody battle – what happened to the good old days when he could buy off a judge with a single phone call?

It was so nice to feel like I know Katherine again this week! It was a classic feel-good scenario when she offered Jack the CEO position at Jabot. In fact, it was great seeing him not only get his dad’s company back, but enjoy his moment in the sun after buying up all those Newman shares. Of course we know he’ll screw it all up sooner rather than later, but there’s nothing like some Smilin’ Jack to make a “Y&R” viewer’s week.

Seat on the board…or not.
I’m still loving the cat-and-mouse business intrigue. It’s intense watching Adam and Victor spar. The scenes are so well done with the calculated verbal potshots and knowing grins. I was a little taken aback by Victor throwing the chair out the window, however. Not only could he have killed a pedestrian (!) but also it clearly illustrated that Adam had succeeded in rattling him – surprising that he would give him the satisfaction of knowing just how much. Diane has also been a treat in all this – love watching her facial expressions as she tries to hold her own in this rather high stakes game she’s gotten herself involved in!

It was a mistake.
Yes, the Sofia/Malcolm/Neil who’s the daddy drama is full of clichés and feels old and tired, yet if I’m being honest, I was drawn in to the ‘reveal’ moments. How can you not want to see their reactions? I knew Malcolm would have a go at Neil!