Restless Rant
Week of June 13 – 17:

I wasn’t as excited about “Y&R” this week as I have been, but it was still solid. I feel like having a little rant about being jolted from one story to another – it’s like bumper cars – the story hits a climax and then things change direction and the characters aren’t seen for a few days, or even longer. I’d rather see stories featured every other day or something, just to maintain momentum and continuity – personal preference. Here are my thoughts on the plots:

Thunder from Down Under.
After all is said and done, I feel like the Cane/Genevieve/Colin storyline didn’t live up to the hype. I’ve wondered if it’s because viewers found out ahead of time that Caleb was Cane, thus watering down the impact of the reveal, but really, it may just have been too unbelievable, and too centered on characters we don’t know well enough to care about. I’ve found Colin’s reactions to everything that’s happened way too understated – if he doesn’t care, why should we? Genevieve, who, initially, seemed very intriguing, is just coming off as a nutter. Meh. As for Cane and Lily, they’ve had the same argument about his ‘lies’ numerous times before – talk about old and moldy. I would have liked to see Lily have more of a ‘pure love’ moment of relief and joy over Cane being alive before the implications of what he had done sunk in. I did enjoy the scene between Lily and Jill, who connected over being duped by their men. The storyline had great potential – maybe if it had played out differently it wouldn’t have fallen flat. On another note, although I wasn’t feeling Genevieve and Jack at week’s end, it was a nice wink-wink to Daytime fans to have Genevieve and Jeffery share a scene – the actors used to play married couple Laura and Scotty on “General Hospital.”

Who’s the dad?
Sofia will be playing this tune in no time, thanks to the unexpected news delivered by Olivia this week. I love watching Olivia deliver grim news – she keeps an even tone but exudes disapproval at the same time. Hehe. As for the storyline, it’s a bit stale, but I’m still looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction when the truth comes out. I wonder if Olivia’s role in the cover-up will be exposed?