Restless Rant
Week of June 6 – 10:

We were treated to some sensational acting this week in all storylines, but a few of the storyline points were questionable. I will be interested to read comments this week from readers on whether or not they are enjoying latest twists. Here are my thoughts on the week:

Chaos in the courtroom.
Although I find it insane that Phyllis would think bringing back Daisy, who held Jana and Lauren captive in a cage/box, would be a solution to anything, I can appreciate the drama it creates. I enjoyed the quick, but effective adoption testimony scenes with Billy and Kevin talking to the judge, and loved the shocking entrance of Phyllis and Daisy. The ensuing confrontations were a treat – especially Phyllis/Daniel (though I would have liked to see him give it back a little), Lauren/Daisy/Phyllis, and Phyllis/Michael. What I didn’t appreciate so much is the unbelievable idea that the court would suddenly backtrack and award Phyllis visitation – why? My favorite part of the storyline came later in the week when Victor confronted Phyllis at Vikki’s – not only setting up a delish Victor/Phyllis showdown – but Victor uttering what were possibly the most hypocritical words in the history of the show when he accused Phyllis of being completely blinded by her own agenda! Hello, pot meet kettle!

I’ll get right on that…
Why are they only dusting off Leslie Michaelson and bringing her out when they need an attorney? She’s awesome, and she was dating Neil. Dropped threads like that are so annoying.

Tucker please wake up!
I love all the beats being played in this storyline – Ashley and Abby’s frustration with one another, Ashley and Jack discussing Jabot, and Sofia and Ashley commiserating about Katherine. Speaking of which, either Tucker needs to wake the hell up and straighten his mother out, or John Abbott’s ghost needs to put in an appearance from on high and have a word with his old friend because Katherine’s completely losing it! Selling John’s company to Victor? Never. Threatening to fire Sofia, someone who Tucker considers to be a daughter and his right hand? Boo. I don’t get this version of Katherine at all. Anyway, the whole accident issue could be put to rest if Genoa City’s crack team of police investigators had thought to test the blood on the airbag, but that would be no fun, would it?