Restless Rant
Week of May 30 – June 3:

Well, May sweeps have come and gone, and we still have some dandy storylines in the works! Here are my rants and raves for this week!

Cotton candy at the festival.
The scenes of Adam at the festival were the ‘cotton candy’ of the entire Sharon in New Mexico storyline – delicious and left you wishing you could have more. Honestly, the contrast between Sharon’s yawn-inducing scenes in the barn and the taut scenes of heightened awareness as she watched Adam at the fairgrounds was like night and day. Nothing against Sam, who I’m rooting for to turn out to be Tucker’s son, but he’s going to need something beyond polite country charm to compete in this storyline.

Active duty.
The Chance farewell barbecue scenes were great. The conversations and conflicts flowed together nicely, as they should at any Genoa City gathering, and the unexpected kiss between Chloe and Chance had more spark in five seconds than she’s shared with Kevin in five months. I always found Chance a little ‘dry’, but never had trouble feeling his chemistry with Chloe. We also said goodbye to Heather, who left for New York City. By the way, I never did buy the whole bit with Chloe wanting Heather to represent her in the custody case – just weird.

Big ol’ jet airliner…
I really enjoyed the snarky scenes between Nick and Diane on the plane ride home from New Mexico. It was no holds barred as Nick listed the men she’s slept with, accused her of being a golddigger, and confronted her about dumping him for his old man. Nice! It was only slightly odd that he turned up at her door later looking to have another go ’round in the sack. Adam walking in on them and leaving with a knowing grin was an added bonus – such delight in catching one of his family members in a compromising position.

The secret.
It was an interesting week of reveals in the Cane/Lily storyline. It’s now crystal clear that Cane comes from the psycho family from hell. I spent part of the week wondering what ‘Mommy’ had over Cane to make him obey her and hurt Lily in the process, but the scene in which Genevieve pointed out to Cane that he had limited options proved to be an acceptable enough explanation – for now. It was good that Devon pointed out to Lily that she hadn’t ‘seen’ Cane since she checked into the sanitarium – she might want to think more about that. In any case, this all promises to blow up quite spectacularly!

Phyllis’s one-track mind where Lucy is concerned was on my last nerve. A few times this week I found myself amazed at Daniel’s restraint toward her. From the beginning, I’ve been able to see Phyllis’s point of view, even though I felt Lucy would be better off with Billy and Vikki. It’s her approach that niggles – especially crossing a line by luring Daisy back to town and endangering Lucy. It’s important to note that this is vintage Phyllis – she’s passionate about what she believes is right, and thinks she can control what she sets in motion, even though she often shoots herself in the foot in the process. It’s why she’s such a complex and colorful character!