Restless Rant
Week of May 23 – 27:

It was another solid week for “Y&R” as May nears its end. Here are my thoughts, along with two snap polls for you this week – dive right in!

Order of protection.
Once again, I was puzzled by some of Katherine’s actions this week. Her pal John Abbott would be none too pleased at her treatment of Ashley. If she’s so concerned that Ashley might harm Tucker why doesn’t she just have the guard accompany her into the hospital room? Ashley was right to point out Katherine’s sudden overwhelming concern for Tucker when just last week she was plotting to ruin him. As for the business stuff, I understand why Katherine had to let Ashley go from Jabot, but in putting a halt to the purchase of Newman shares, it sure looks like she’s taking advantage of Tucker being incapacitated to help Victor out. Tucker having a son is proving to be a popular topic of speculation among viewers. Who do you think might be Tucker’s son? Let us know by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: Tucker’s Son.

It’s on your head.
I’m all for someone chewing out Heather, but I think Nina’s giving her a bit too much credit. Come to think of it, Heather is giving herself too much credit – she’s so sure Chance’s decision is all about her dumping him! Please. What surprised me was Nina’s frosty attitude toward Paul – usually they’d agree to disagree. Personally, I’d like to see Chance stick around and interact with Chloe, and Ronan when he returns, but at least we’re getting to see some more of Nina’s emotional reactions – such a treat to watch.

Come out and play.
The Lucy drama is certainly gathering steam again. The confrontations between Phyllis and Daniel, and Phyllis and Billy were awesome this week. In typical Phyllis fashion, she’s once again become her own worst enemy by getting herself fired and screwing herself out of any hope of gaining custody of Lucy by compromising the baby’s safety in a bid to get her own way. Phyllis always thinks she can control the outcome and out-psycho the psycho. It’s very entertaining stuff, but methinks she’s going to have her hands full dealing with everyone’s animosity, Daisy, and the monster she’s created named Lauren! As for Billy, I think he’s deluding himself if he thinks the illegal adoption issue is going to go away.

All I wanna’ do is have some fun…
How about that Diane suggesting to Adam that they have a little ‘fun’ while they plot against Victor? I love to see a character indulge in a good romp in the hay, but it’s kind of sad to see her throw herself at anything in trousers with a decent net worth. I was glad Adam turned her down (for her own sake!) and really enjoyed the scene where he opened up to her about his feelings for Sharon. I was so disappointed to hear that Maura West has been let go as Diane – so much potential lost, and so many other characters that should have bitten the dust before her – boo. Hopefully I’ll still get my Phyllis/Diane showdown over Nick before she goes.

Divide and conquer.
As always, I got perverse pleasure from seeing two sworn enemies team up to get a job done – and you know they will! It was slightly suspect that Doris would have decided she ‘needed’ Adam to help out, but I accepted it because I love the storyline possibilities. How sweet was the look on Victor’s face when he realized Nick was teaming up with Adam? He was actually rendered speechless for a quick sec! What do you think of Adam and Nick teaming up? Let us know by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: Divide And Conquer.