Restless Rant
Week of May 16 – 20:

Tons of great hospital drama this week! I looked forward to every episode of “Y&R” for the past five days. Here are my raves, observations, and gripes:

Fed up.
The Baby Lucy storyline remained in low gear this week, but I have to say that I love how the writers keep weaving a certain thread through this story – despite his protests that he’s not interested in being a father, and the opinion of some that he’s not good father material, that is exactly what Daniel has been ever since he realized Lucy was his daughter. I totally trust him to do the right thing where she’s concerned, whereas the rest of them are behaving like emotional loose cannons. I’d still like to see Lucy land with Billy and Vikki, but Daniel’s understated care and concern for his child gives the story great depth.

If I asked my Ouija board to describe the Kevin and Chloe pairing it might spell out ‘boring’ or ‘dud’ – if it was being diplomatic. Honestly, Chloe has 100% more fire arguing with Billy than she has with Kevin in their most ‘passionate’ moments. Kevin and Chloe’s conversation about Jana this week just made me sad that such a great match for him is no longer an option. As for Chloe, she needs a new guy and a great storyline.

The Tramp and the Hypocrite.
Diane. Victor. Truer words were never spoken. That is all.

Operation Head Explode.
Back to the drawing board, Adam! Watching Diane and Adam try to outwit Victor should make for an entertaining match up. Bring on the popcorn – I cannot wait to see what plan Adam will come up with to get into that house!