Restless Rant
Week of May 9 – 13:

It seems like a different big storyline has been featured each week of sweeps, which is great, but perhaps to the detriment of the stories that lose momentum or fall right off the canvas. Other than that, I’ve been enjoying tuning in to “Y&R.” Let’s take a look as I work up from rant to rave:

That’s how I felt after the climax of the Jana storyline. Aside from the outstanding acting, there was no real payoff for viewers in this tale. Kevin and Chloe being reunited certainly didn’t cut it – this pairing just hasn’t found popularity with viewers. I would have liked to see some more significant reaction to Jana’s death – she was a beloved character for a long time despite going off the deep end. A majority of readers polled felt that the way Jana was written off did a disservice to Kevin and Jana’s love story, so some remembrances and a service for Jana this week would have been nice.

Light his fire.
One of the things that tends to light a fire under Nicholas Newman is interacting with his half-brother Adam. That’s partly why I was drawn in to the idea of them coming together with a common cause – to prove Sharon didn’t commit suicide. So it was disappointing that after one scene the plot went ‘poof’ for the rest of the week. It’s always interesting when adversaries are forced to team up, so I hope they revisit this. Meanwhile, out at the barn, Sam showed signs of life when he finally became frustrated with Sharon’s weird behavior. Good thing, because the barn scenes were beginning to be a big yawn.

Baby on the back-burner.
After everyone’s high emotion when Lucy was taken and put into foster care, wouldn’t you think someone would have arranged for supervised visitation with her immediately rather than attending dinner parties or hanging in the coffee shop? How ridiculous that Billy and Vikki would see her accidentally in the park. Other beats in the story, however, continued to be good – I liked Victor stepping in with Michael, and Phyllis hiring Leslie. One question though – Rafe told Billy and Vikki last week that he could get Daisy’s parental rights terminated, so why does Phyllis think she has to find Daisy in order to do that and move forward? Although this story lost a little momentum this week, I like the way the tension is building anew and it’s shaping up to be Phyllis versus everyone. Will she have anyone on her side? Let me know what you think will happen.